WELCOME to my portfolio - "a calm and cool" water drop and Water crown Gallery

My World of Photography

Cream Crown High Speed Capture

What fascinates me most about photography is that I can make the observers aware of things that they  wouldn’t take notice of in their everyday life. Therefore near or macro photography has become a real passion for me.


I find it exciting to photograph water droplets or crowns because we use water daily in our lives. Yet most people do not know that water can assume such marvellous forms and shapes.


What our eyes can’t see I try to capture with my camera.



When a drop of water or milk hits the surface a crown is formed.


Beautiful forms frozen in time.

Cream Flow High Speed Capture


These beautiful forms take shape when milk sinks in water.

Most people serve cream with coffee or a cake. Well, I also use cream, but I mix it with acrylic colour and capture moments with my camera lenses which are just too fast for the human eye

From my point of view, photography is an interpretation of the world around us. You can discover that a sky is not only beautiful at dawn or dusk, the photographer can lead the viewer. I try to show the world in an alternate view. I find joy in creating images which represents a moment frozen in time.

This is my aspiration, the possibility to make things visible that cannot be recognized by the naked eye and I work hard to accomplished that.


I hope that people can enjoy this special passion or only get inspired by these marvellous forms, shapes and my other images.